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2020 Black Friday Shopping Trends

Jason Chan
December 30, 2020

Going into Black Friday, people’s expectations were all over the place. Yet, there was one reverberating consensus: Just like the remainder of 2020, Black Friday would not be quite the same as previous years. Obviously, that expectation was right on target. However, what were the vital contrasts between the current year's greatest shopping day and 2019?

ECommerce sales took off YoY.

The expectations for expanded eCommerce development sounded accurate this year with a 74% expansion in GMV year-over-year (YoY), recorded by BigCommerce. While we've kept on observing YoY Cyber Week development throughout the long term, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected the current year's shopping.

In a report from SYKES, almost 44% of customers expressed they won't feel good shopping in-person until they feel the pandemic is leveled out in the nation or their region. In addition, another 25% state they won't shop in-person until a vaccine is accessible. Online business immediately got essential for some shoppers around the globe.

Regardless of the monetary difficulties buyers confronted with the pandemic, average order value likewise hopped fundamentally, averaging $144 across the five key shopping dates — a 17% expansion to the year earlier.

Average Order Value (AOV) crested at $164 on Black Friday and by and Cyber Week orders expanded by 48% YoY.

Winning Categories

Sporting supplies take the biggest share of Cyber Week 2020.

This year Sporting Goods buys stand out and profit by 136% GMV development YoY — and all things considered. With numerous shoppers confronted with lock down measures, there are two choices for work out: take part in open-air sports or buy at-home gym gear.

Other category pioneers included Apparel and Accessories (+37% in GMV YoY), Automotive (+51% in GMV YoY), and Health and Beauty (+43% in GMV YoY).

Worldwide pandemic keeps on affecting category execution.

Like what we saw for the current year with the Sporting Goods category, the worldwide pandemic has had a far-reaching influence across numerous categories. Above all, the current year's Cyber Week purchases not just give a current depiction of customer conclusions around the pandemic, yet additionally how they predict the not-so-distant future. Here are two instances of this:

· Despite being down on four of the five shopping days, the Travel category figured out how to get through with the most YoY development on Black Friday (569%), bringing about 49% YoY development— an advising sign purchaser is anticipating travel again in 2021.

· Both Furniture and Office Supplies categories have essentially developed GMV YoY, following a very long time of stay-at-home orders around the world.

· More time at home methods additional time with and care of pets. The Animal and Pet Supplies categories developed massively this year on Black Friday by 42%.


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